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Case Study: Eagles Landing Family Practice

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The Customer

Eagles Landing Family Practice is a full-service, state-of-the-art primary care practice with 8 locations throughout Henry County, Butts County and Rockdale County, Georgia. These facilities - open 7 days a week to meet all of their patient's healthcare needs - are staffed by board certified Family Practitioners, Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners qualified to treat a wide range of health problems.

The Challenge

With the planned installation of Agfa 30 CR units at all of their facilities, Eagles Landing Family Practice required immediate delivery of images to each of the workstations in their offices, together with short term image storage and long term image archiving to meet HIPAA requirements. They also required all of their patient studies to be read remotely by Board-certified Radiologists. As a result, the 100+ studies completed by Eagles Landing Family Practice per day had to be picked up and delivered to the radiologists via courier. Eagles Landing required a cost-effective, flexible and scalable PACS solution. However, their initial search turned up high cost PACS solutions which would require them to change their process workflow.

The Solution

After evaluating several solutions, Eagles Landing Family Practice selected a complete PACS solution from Essential Enterprise Solutions, Inc. (EESI). At the core of the solution were the PACS Servers. A one-half Terabyte PACS appliance (eesiPACS) was installed at each of Eagles Landing clinic locations. The PACS appliance receives the DICOM images from the CR system, routes the study to each of 3 wall mounted workstations within the clinic, acts as short-term storage, and routes the images to one of two 8 Terabyte PACS Archives over the Eagles Landing private network. The one-half Terabyte PACS appliance is capable of storing 30,000 images or more and can send the DICOM images to the PACS Archive at a pre-determined time to reduce network load. Once the study is received in the PACS Archive, it is routed to the radiologist location using a Secure Virtual Private Network.

For viewing, Eagles Landing selected wall-mounted workstations (eesiVUE) which were strategically placed for optimum efficiency within the practice. As a result of the routing capabilities available in the PACS solution from Essential Enterprise Solutions, Inc. (EESI), physicians received the studies on the workstations within seconds of the X-ray's being taken. Additionally, each doctor or referring physician could use any of the eesiVUE workstations and was provided with their own personal folder, thus making their specific studies easy to find. Each workstation had full DICOM Query capabilities - making access to previous studies a simple mouse click away.

Best of all, Essential Enterprise Solutions, Inc. (EESI) installed all the hardware in a matter of minutes, and handled all of the networking and routing so as to provide a unified, single-source approach.

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The Benefits

Eagles Landing Family Practice were quick to discover that the solution presented by Essential Enterprise Solutions, Inc. (EESI) surpassed all expectations. The equipment performed flawlessly. Eagles Landing Family Practice was able to quickly enjoy the benefits of “going Digital” with huge cost savings in Film and Chemicals, significantly improved turn around in Radiology services, and better use of real estate used for “Archiving Film." The new digital solution dramatically increased overall productivity and revenues; the practice is now completing over 200 studies per day. Most importantly, the patient experience was greatly improved.